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May 12 2019 was not a normal day for me. It was a day filled with firsts. My first aeroplane ride, my first Mother’s Day, the first long distance journey with my 10 month old son. And yes, the first time I actually draft a blog. This was going to be an interesting day. This was going to be interesting journey because it was the first time I was going to be representing the company that I work for outside the country. So you can imagine what I was juggling. Mommy travel nerves, working nerves and flying anxiety. Just remember this, I watch a lot of Air Crash Investigation, so you can imagine my excitement and fear at the same time. That’s me digressing. Sorry. 

Let’s retrace a bit. Preparing for this trip wasn’t even easy. I had to pack for my son, pack for myself and also prepare for the work that needed to be done. Since my son was born I had my mom help me everyday. While I was at work she took care of my son. On this trip she was staying behind. That meant my son and I would be together right through the boot camp, no granny to keep him entertained while I worked. I also do not like bothering people so I had to make a plan without bothering anyone. And keep him quiet during the bootcamp 

So here we are on the 12th of May at the airport. Two big suitcases, a laptop bag, a diaper bag and a 10 month old baby. It wasn’t easy. Movies, and magazines don’t tell you how to do all this and do it in style. There are not enough stories to help prepare for this. I’m not saying this because I’m a mom but facts are facts. Moms are super heroes. Forget the Avengers, forget the Justice league, moms are the real heroes. How others have done it is beyond me but my advantage is that I’m now able to talk about it as I am now part of the mom team. 

As a full-time working mom you realise how precious time is. How a new position at work means more responsibility and every second counts. The point I’m trying to put across is, its not easy being a single mom. If you are like me who is a workaholic and also wants to do things by themselves you will understand that everyone needs a good support system. The need to have others to help you either at work or at home. More firsts are to come and more lessons on how to stop trying to be elegant and just play the game the best way you know how. I have more respect for the mommy’s who have to raise children and hold down their jobs and still wake up to do it again. This may be my first blog but one thing I do know is that it’s not the last. 

I really would love to hear your firsts with your littles ones that made you appreciate those who have gone before you. Whether a single working mom, or single working dad. Until then it ,”Hi 5″, from my son and I.

My Firsts. The hustle of a single mom
Article Name
My Firsts. The hustle of a single mom
My experience as a single working mom and my first long distance travel with my son.
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