Co-working spaces are a very young industry in Zimbabwe; consequently, there aren’t a lot of co-working professionals with experience in the labor market compared to other industries. This makes finding and building a great team so much difficult. However, the team is everything: it is the heart of the community and the engine of the co-working business.

The TechVillage Team

Starting off with just one person, the Founder, being in charge of all business areas and performing way too many tasks, the TechVillage spaceship is currently run by 6 individuals. When you walk into their office and find them bursting with laughter and sometimes doing unconventional things, resist the urge to judge and just remember – It is this flexible team that works efficiently to turn the TechVillage vision into a growing business and best believe, they make the magic happen!

So who are these individuals that are managing the co-working space and helping young people develop amazing ideas and turn them into actual businesses?


Tatenda Mapfumo- Chief Storyteller

Tatenda Mapfumo- Chief Storyteller
Tatenda Mapfumo

Tatenda is responsible for constructing clear narratives around specific messages that the TechVillage wants to put out, either externally or internally. She is not merely a teller of the TechVillage story (like the one you are reading now) but the guardian of the Brand’s story. She has a passion for all things artistic and strive to create content that is educational, yet quirky and entertaining as well. Tatenda believes in the power of stories especially the ones that individuals shape and tell for themselves, hence why she also helps the TechVillage startups to tell their own stories.


Lindelwe Mgodla- Community Manager

Lindelwe Mgodla- Community Manager
Lindelwe Mgodla

Lindelwe is community engagement facilitator and journalist by profession. She has been working with the TechVillage for over a year now. She has key interests in the technology sector and the opportunities they bring for the African youth. She has spent the past year learning about how entrepreneurs can leverage on innovation and technology to solve problems in and around their societies. Being Community Manager has allowed her to meet and work with talented young professionals who are building startups across all fields. She has had the opportunity to create linkages and opportunities for people to turn their ideas into actual businesses and she helps these individuals to collaborate with their peers to enhance their growth process. Lindelwe has a knack for development in all its various forms and has been learning to achieve this through her work with the TechVillage.


Varaidzo Majada- Space Manager

Varaidzo Majada- Space Manager
Varie Lynn Ruvah Majada

Varaidzo is responsible for the day to day running of the Co-working space. She manages the events and making sure people have whatever they need for their events to run smoothly. Varie is always willing to help anyone regardless of who they are and believes in working collaboratively towards the same vision and to build each other while we build our individual startups. She also believes that everyone is a piece of the puzzle and together we complete a beautiful picture. Varie does the work that she does so as to increase her understanding about the diversity of people and to see how we all can help in the positive change that we hope for. She works together with Kudakwashe Murauro and Elaine Madzamba who manage the Campus Space at NUST.


Takunda Chingonzo- Founder

Takunda Chingonzo- Founder, TechVillage
Takunda Chingonzo

Sorry- Error in summarizing Takunda’s profile!

But you do not have to take my words for this, you are more than welcome to come through to the TechVillage and meet the team. Or better yet, come through for the Conclave on the 3rd of November 2017 @ 5.30pm, where the team will be on the hot seat and they will be sharing a bit about their work and their lives, totally open to scrutiny. (N.B. – The conclave is normally exclusive to the TechVillage members but; this one is open for all).


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