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To date, we have participated as StudyMate in 5 different public expos in Bulawayo and Harare where we have networked and met high profile individuals like the former Minister of Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Dr Lazurus Dokora, Minister of ICT and Courier Services, Honorable Supa Mandiwanzira among others. This has helped us elevate ourselves as individuals and the Startup too.

StudyMate at Exhibitions
This was at the ZITF 2017 , I was making a StudyMate presentation to the then Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Dr Lazurus Dokora…I was showing him a demo of the WhatsApp groups….he was impressed!

Through this, we have also realised the potential of our project, other avenues we can explore and how we can grow it better. Exhibiting in Harare in 2017 at the 3rd Educational conference and expo also gave us a chance to actually do some of our research and interact with the students from that end and other provinces, and this has helped us gain more insight on this business.


Where we are! and the great things in the pipeline for StudyMate

The StudyMate platform that will be an android application is currently under development, one that will be able to accommodate the thousands of students that we have on our database.

As we envision, a platform that will consolidate all the different forms of content that will enable easy access to information and also provide opportunities for students all at affordable fees. We are in the process of partnering organisations that provide scholarship opportunities for the students who are only registered on our platform.

This is just one of the great many things we have in place for the students, we will keep updating you on further developments and opportunities for the students in due  time.

It has been an interesting journey. While it still feels like a free fall of a cliff on most days, I feel like we have built our plane and are going to get to flying before we hit the bottom and crash. Being a part of a community of entrepreneurs has also helped, I think being as young as I am, I have learnt more from the other entrepreneurs around me than I have in my own journey. It is why I am and will always be a villager. #VillagerForLife!!!

You can be a #Villager too, and it’s free to join. Join the TechVillage and you will not have to struggle alone to turn your idea into a business.

StudyMate Journey Part 3: What's happening now and what's in the pipeline
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StudyMate Journey Part 3: What's happening now and what's in the pipeline
Third Section of the Story behind the building and growth of a startup called StudyMate
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