“Love what you do! Be firm in your conviction! Never give up! Follow your passion”.

These are quotes and phrases I had always read and had been told by the people I look up to, the people who inspire me. I had never experienced them first-hand, until 2 years ago when I got sucked into the world of entrepreneurship.

 It was the beginning of an adventure, an exciting one for that matter. At first, I thought I was going to make a million dollars at least within 6 months, well, it was all a dream.

 My journey began when I was 18 years old.  I was learning at a great school, but we didn’t have enough resources; text books were very scarce, and that was educationally unhealthy. We needed the text books, the resources, but since we didn’t have enough we had to fend for ourselves. We had to buy or make duplicates of the existing copies (on individual basis) but this was costly and illegal, That didn’t sit well with me, ( especially the illegal part) so I decided to find an alternative way.

One of the alternatives was to use the internet, but the internet in itself is an additional cost and people from where I come from….cannot quite afford that, so increasing the cost to access a cheaper resource just…well that sounds stupid. Even if that part was solved, cheapest was going for $25.00, and you needed a visa card ( which means a bank account and then the foreign currency) and let me just put this into context for you, the average day school fees is $150…where on earth would my people find the money for these books! This was my struggle in accessing information but I was not alone in this struggle.

There had to be a solution, a solution, not from government because ( well, its government and its an election year ) and not from some high rolling donor ( those are few and far between, also not sustainable).

Challenge accepted

Upon contemplating a lot about the situation and the problem, I got to a point where I figured out I had the solution, I just needed to tap into it and this is when StudyMate was born, a platform that was going to solve this widespread problem through conveniently providing easy access to information, resources and opportunities to students.

What I envisioned was a platform that would consolidate all the different forms of accessing information that is tailormade for the students. Where there were textbooks, visual content especially for science students who did not have proper laboratory equipment in their schools, and audio albums/podcasts for the literature students who have more than 5 novels to read and grasp within 20 months.

I could see it all, my awesome platform with all the bells and whistles, I knew I had it, and I set out to build it. What was supposed to feel like taking off and flying into the heavens….quickly became an immediate tumble…I had just jumped off a cliff with no parachute in sight, and so my love hate relationship with entrepreneurship was off to a magically confusing start!!

Find out about the next phase of the StudyMate Journey here

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