If you have ever signed up to join the Techvillage community, or even asked us what we do, you will have undoubtedly heard about “tribes”. There would have been mention of how joining the tribes would be a great place to share ideas, grow, learn and expand your area of expertise. The Techvillage community is made up of so many brilliant innovators, entrepreneurs, students, and freelancers. So in order to provide value to each of these people, we thought we would break them up into their individual groups of expertise known as tribes.

So what are Techvillage Tribes?

A simple and practical definition, given by the Merrian Webster Dictionary, explains a tribe as:

 a group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest. 

Village Tribes are essentially the same thing. Borrowing from the traditional definition of tribes that exist as smaller subgroups of a much larger culture or in our case, Village. Tribes are an ecosystem of passionate individuals, founders, and freelancers; driven by a thirst for knowledge and learning. They are driven by a desire to create lasting projects and entities in the fields they are working in.

How do they work?

Tribes are membership-based and all members join and participate voluntarily. No one person owns a tribe, but we have tribe leaders or champions do a lot of the running around to make sure things run smoothly. To experience the best of tribes, members are encouraged to attend our monthly meetups, contribute and engage on the tribe social media groups, and invite other like-minded people to join the tribe.

Tribes are community-based and led, meaning the members of the tribes will set the pace. We encourage all members to take active roles in ensuring their respective tribes deliver the value that they want to receive. The tribe social media groups are a great place to share ideas and suggestions on topics of debate, industry trends, learning, and work opportunities. Meetups are typically facilitated by members of the tribes to encourage a culture of peer-based learning. You are not limited to join only one tribe by the way. If your talents expand across different fields of expertise, please, by all means, join all of them!

So which tribes are there?

There are currently 14 tribes within the Village, three of which (Bulawayo Open Source, Python and WordPress) are part of a larger global community. Here is a list of the communities (tribes) we have:

  • WordPress– for all WordPress enthusiasts
  • Riggers- for all Maker enthusiasts
  • Python- for Python evangelists
  • Green Village- for green innovators
  • DevNation- the developer community
  • D.Zine- for designers and creatives
  • Shiftspace- for game makers and developers
  • Mutambo- the gaming and esports community
  • Girls 2.0- a guild of female founders and entrepreneurs
  • Genesis- for all blockchain enthusiasts
  • Bulawayo Open Source Society- for open source evangelists
  • Shelfers- a book club for avid readers and book worms
  • Hype Squad
  • My Career- Professional development community

This is not an exhaustive list at all. We know that there are still many tribes within the community that have not been built yet. So if you feel like you would there is a particular group of people that would benefit from having their own tribe we want to hear about it. If you want to help us build and develop a community of astrophysicists you are totally welcome! Let’s get building!

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