On Friday the TechVillage hosted the first ever WordPress Bulawayo meetup and all I can say is I’m glad I attended the meetup and cannot wait to do it again.

(Disclaimer: I know this is going to sound more like a testimonial but hey, it is my side of the story after all, and I don’t know how to tell any other side)

Being the Storyteller that I am, allow me to share my story from the moment that I arrived at the event:

“Have you ever used WordPress or do you use WordPress?”, asked one of the ladies at the registration desk, to which I replied confidently, “Yes! My Blog is hosted on WordPress”. The lady went on to put a blue sticker on my name tag and I asked what was up with the coloured stickers? She informed me the stickers are meant to differentiate between guests who had prior knowledge of using the WordPress Platform (blue sticker holders) and those that were more of new to WordPress (green sticker holders). At that moment I really felt like I deserved to be in the blue sticker group for sure. I mean, my first encounter with the platform was about 5 years ago and I believe I have been perfecting my experience gradually over the years, and now even my news site is hosted on WordPress, so of course, I deserved to be part of the Blue sticker Club. How complicated can it be, really?

Being Enlightened at the Bulawayo WordPress Meetup
  Moment of truth at the Bulawayo WordPress Meetup

Oh boy, was I wrong! If there where any hidden cameras in the room, they would have shown how 10 minutes into the first presentation I had quietly and almost discretely removed my blue sticker cause I felt I did not deserve it at all. I know I wasn’t the only person who felt that way. When the other blue sticker holders were asked to explain certain things to the rest of the community, some had a hard time doing so in a way that the beginner would understand. I’m sure it was at that point of dumbing- down certain things that most of the blue sticker holders even got to discover and learn new things too. 

I learnt and discovered so much more about WordPress in that one hour than I ever did in my five years of using word press. The major reason for this was, all along I had been learning about this platform on my own and would overlook a lot of things which even made my experience super exhausting and sometimes difficult. But, being in a room full of more experienced users who are doing their best to make sure everyone understands made it seem so much easier and actually fun. 

The first meetup touched on the following items: differences between WordPress.org and WordPress.com, Plugins and Themes and lastly SEO. These were just basic discussions as we will have more in-depth meetups henceforth.

That being said, WordPress Meetups in Bulawayo will continue to be held every First Friday of each Month throughout the year at the TechVillage. Also, anyone in the community can request a workshop or social in-between the meetup dates. I’m definitely going to be attending the next meetups and probably even organise one workshop myself.

For more info on the next Bulawayo WordPress Meetups checkout the event page here.

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