By Makhosi Siziba

There are a lot of moments that can bring amusement and joy to a person. Some of those moments include the pride and satisfaction one gets from  seeing the face of a first-time coder when their program executes “Hello world”. For some it is a sign of great things to come, and for some it is just a moment. Coding, formally know as Computer programming, is a fascinating yet frustrating skill especially when an error gnaws one’s code. To me coding is not just a skill, it’s the future. It is one of the skills that will be compulsory to have. In simpler words of the iconic musician Will I am: “programmers are the rock stars of tomorrow”.


Why the Coding Boot Camp?

As ZimCode we realized the need for this skill in the youth of Zimbabwe hence targeting high school students and below. We teach computer programming to high school students for free. Some people have asked us why we do what we do and why we do it for free? Our answer has always been, “One has to see the eyes and the face of a person when they first write their code, the possibilities they see are endless” hence those moments are priceless. We do this for the passion and love of code and development. Then we began to ask ourselves; “What about those who are already out of high school? Are they not to benefit from our services?”

We came up with a viable solution of including those who are out of high school on our team. First teaching them a skill and second giving them somewhat a job.

Zim Code Boot Camp at The TechVillage
Zim Code Boot Camp at The TechVillage

We are currently hosting a 2 weeks Coding Boot-Camp at the TechVillage which aims at teaching the newly recruited members of ZimCode how to code and how to teach code. The turn-up  has been thus far so pleasing as we had anticipated 30 participants but instead got 41 attendees. Better yet of these 41 attendees,  18 are young and energetic women.  Despite our main aim being to teach everyone code, we also aim at closing the gender gap that exist in this tech field between men and women.

My judgement on the on running boot-camp is that most of the attendees seem to be keen on learning beyond what they are being taught at the boot-camp. We forecast a very good and motivated group of recruited members this year which is a great indicator of progress on our part.


Zim Code has now joined The TechVillage and is working on empowering youths with technical skills to break through their socio-economic barriers and go on to create innovative solutions that will drive Zimbabwe’s development forward. 

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